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Have you found yourself wondering who makes the final "call" in a food hub network?  If there is a dispute, who decides how to resolve it?  A network can present as especially tricky to navigate complex decision making because of the lack of hierarchy.  

However, another way to consider this is the opportunity to build a decentralized governance structures that simultaneously dissolves power centers.

For a guide on best practices on network facilitation and governance, see here.

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We're in the business of helping food hubs and related supply chain partners work together -- this means taking independent business practices and aligning at least some of them.  Often, this includes a variety of different suites of softwares hubs are using to manage their business.  Interoperability, the ability for different and unique softwares to share data, is key to both networking and general ease and efficiency of doing business.  At Farm Fare, we endorse a public blockchain as a solution to interoperability.  Read more here.

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As food system professionals, we wouldn't have guessed 7 years ago, we'd now be spending a lot of our time talking data standards. But here we are...If you're curious why we're so confident data standards matter to regional food systems, this is your resource.

Read it HERE.

We've learned a lot as we've evangelized the opportunity and worked in tandem with a number of food hub networks.  Our hope is that we can pass along these learnings to you as you develop your own transactional food hub network.

In the spirit of collaboration, please find our Guide to Food Hub networking here.

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A hybrid decentralized-distributed network (with nodes that might connect in only one place) is the strongest fit to fulfill the region’s needs, rather than the more common hub-and-spoke model. Nodes in the network could cover the range of supply chain businesses and could make transactions directly without involving any centralized control.


Food Port Study

"The ability to have regional datasets is going to be transformative. Already we have been able to land larger contracts, and so just pure sales also brings people to the table to say, 'I see how this shared growth is good for everyone.'"


~ Cullen Naumoff,

Farm Fare


Creating a Sustainable Food Future

This synthesis report summarizes the findings of the World Resources Report "Creating a Sustainable Food Future," a multiyear partnership between World Resources Institute et al.


Wholesale Packing Resource Guide

This guide explains wholesale packing requirements and is a tool to help farmers decide if it makes sense to enter the wholesale market.

Value Chains

Food Value Chains

A new model of organization is beginning to pop up in the agribusiness sector that seeks to merge social mission objectives with core business operating principles.

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