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A hybrid decentralized-distributed network (with nodes that might connect in only one place) is the strongest fit to fulfill the region’s needs, rather than the more common hub-and-spoke model. Nodes in the network could cover the range of supply chain businesses and could make transactions directly without involving any centralized control.


Food Port Study

"The ability to have regional datasets is going to be transformative. Already we have been able to land larger contracts, and so just pure sales also brings people to the table to say, 'I see how this shared growth is good for everyone.'"


~ Cullen Naumoff,

Farm Fare


Creating a Sustainable Food Future

This synthesis report summarizes the findings of the World Resources Report "Creating a Sustainable Food Future," a multiyear partnership between World Resources Institute et al.


Wholesale Packing Resource Guide

This guide explains wholesale packing requirements and is a tool to help farmers decide if it makes sense to enter the wholesale market.

Value Chains

Food Value Chains

A new model of organization is beginning to pop up in the agribusiness sector that seeks to merge social mission objectives with core business operating principles.