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Economies of Collaboration:


Farm Fare is building “economies of collaboration” to compete with economies of scale.


Local food is better food, and our world is hungry for a more principled system that stands for people and planet as well as profit. But ag in the middle cannot compete against a highly consolidated industrial food system without the tools to match its efficiency. That’s why at Farm Fare we think we need to recreate the supply chain entirely.


We are a software company with a platform that goes beyond business management software to weave networks of small- and medium-scale producers and food hubs across a region. When producers break free of their silos to work together as a foodshed, consumers can trust that local food can be diverse and high-quality and also consistent and reliable, while producers can share resources that make their operations less costly. With Farm Fare, that means region-wide distribution and rich datasets that inform supply and demand planning and incentivize soil health.


The local food sharing economy meets the efficiency of big ag, enabled by creative technology: Farm Fare is driving local food forward.


You're not just buying food. You're contributing to a different kind of food economy, one that considers the triple bottom line — people, planet AND profit. On behalf of the farming families we represent, thanks for supporting our community's shared values.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Marti Jacobson
District Food Service Supervisor, Chagrin Falls Schools

 I was a little hesitant to try Farm Fare because I haven't had much luck with farm-to-school in the past. I'm so glad I tried you guys out. I'm going to go take pictures and tweet out that we are serving Farm Fare produce today!

Jess Eikleberry
Founder, Local Roots
Market & Cafe

"Farm Fare is what our region has been looking for, and everyone has been talking about, for a long time!  Finally we have a way to connect all the good things happening in local food all around Northeastern Ohio!"

Devin Cotten
Program Coordinator, Bridgeport Mobile Market

As a truck owner, your business is viable only when your vehicles are filled and on the road.  Farm Fare gave our business the opportunity to diversify beyond our existing contracts, and kept us on the road. 

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